[QOTD] Is It Normal For A Woman To Have A Two Man Fantasy?

question of the day / Wednesday, January 7th, 2015


I know I am not the only woman on earth who has had this fantasy.  The fantasy where you have both men that you want at the palm of your hands doing whatever you want them to do sexually. Only minds who are still adolescent won’t get the intensity of such a fantasy.  I just want to know what is wrong with the thought? Men have their threesome requests, they want two women pleasuring them at once so why can’t we have our fun? This is where double standard sets in. Men, nowadays aren’t that comfortable with their sexuality to act out such a fantasy.  Yep, I said it. What are your thoughts on this topic,  can a woman ever  successfully execute this fantasy or do you think it just isn’t normal for such a situation to happen in real life. Obviously if you watch porn your answer will sway in one direction. 

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  1. I have that fantasy OFTEN lol but I feel like in this society and generation, it’s viewed as unacceptable. As in if there is two dudes then it’s homosexual or even as bad as being considered that the girl is being taken advantage of. I need to find me two dudes that’s down for the cause!

  2. There is nothing wrong with the fantasy. From a logical standpoint a mfm threesome is more practical than a fmf. In theory two men can please a woman for hours. Whereas once the man cums in a two woman threesome, he may not come again. Thereby depriving one woman of an orgasm.

  3. Not only is there nothing wierd or wrong with the mfm fantasy. But there is nothing even slightly homosexuall about seeing a beautiful woman in pure extacy, as she is being pleasured by two men. As long as that’s what she desires, and everyone is comfortable. I quite enjoy it.

  4. The real difference in a man’s eyes is the actual ACTS that will be going on. A threesome from a man’s perspective is not just being pleasured by two women, but those two women also pleasuring each other like all parties physically engaging in some way. When it comes to the visual aspect of two men and one woman, its kind of fucked up because in our small minds we either see it as gay because the two men will have to be sexually involved in some way, or it makes the woman look bad because a woman interacting with two penises at one time has negative connotations put in our head over time. It’s yet another double standard between men and women, but I mean it’s not like you’re going to be doing what you do in public or for the opinions of people, so fuck what people think, do you, him, and whoever else lol

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