[Start The New Year With Real] B-Roc The Prophecy X Peace [Audio]

black history, music / Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

In the midst of what the black community is experiencing, B-roc The Prophecy brings us “Peace” and here’s his message from him to his listeners.

Today I bring you a song that I felt was much needed during this time of hurt that we deal with and a black race and as a nation. Like everybody wanted to speak on the actions that took place in Ferguson with Mike Brown and in New York with Eric Garner along with many others that died this year and in the past by the act of police brutality. Because I wasn’t really apart of it some how I felt my words wouldn’t matter. Then I went to the Millions March in NYC. It inspired me to speak on the unity and the togetherness that was formed so peacefully. Showing that people of all race can come together to go against a bigger problem. But that same night I had a bad dream that gave me a view in which I hope to never see. Our peace riots becoming not so peaceful. I dreamt of the outcome that could be if these court systems don’t do more about these officers that make it ok to kill us without proper punishment. Just a few days ago, two NYPD officers were shoot and killed. Two officers that were probably nothing like the two officers that got away with murder. Real soon we’re going to have more people showing that they don’t care who pays for these actions. And they are going to want to hurt them like they hurt us making it an on going carousel of chaos.
We have to do something… Before it’s too late… Peace.

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