[Life On The Whim] Whimsicle, One For The Taste Buds [In Review]

Photo Cred: Steven Taylor (IAmFoodFrenzy LLC)
Photo Cred: Steven Taylor (IAmFoodFrenzy LLC)

I notice that nowadays I spend most of my money on Instagram. Small businesses who operate using social media are to blame. Every time I see something that may be appealing to me, most of the time it is something edible. [LOL] 

Frequenting social sites such as Instagram can grow to be something useful. 

For weeks, probably a little over a month now I have been keeping my eye on one small business which seems to be very popular in Philadelphia. I’ve seen a few of my Philly followers sporting this popular edible product. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m talking about Whimsicle!  Every time I would see a picture of someone eating these healthy yet tasty treats my mouth would literally water. So I took it upon myself to find out who were the hands behind this genius idea of a business.

As soon as I expressed my interest in buying the product, I was quickly pointed in the direction  of Salim Weldon, one of the business partners of Whimsicle. From there I went to check out the business’ Instagram page where I grew even more eager to purchase product.

Enough about me, I’m pretty sure you want to know how this business came about.

Photo Credit: Amurri Lauren IG: @artmurricreative www.artmurri.com
Photo Credit: Amurri Lauren
IG: @artmurricreative

Whimsicle was created by someone who had a vision to create and a vision to go out of bounds with what was being created. Tonae Simon decided to start a gourmet popsicle business, no these aren’t your ordinary “take me to the corner store because it’s hot” popsicles but, more of “I can have this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” type of treats. With Whimsicle you are presented with a variety based on your fruit preference. Don’t fret, Whimsicle products are made with natural ingredients which will help if you are either trying to embrace a healthier lifestyle or are already on that path. Tonae isn’t alone on this business endeavor, Salim Weldon, her business partner ensures that the business continues to thrive and be as successful as it proves to be. Together they have a mission to keep their consumers healthy and to keep their customer return rate high.

It is our mission to strive for a healthy-eating movement; in an innovative way the world can enjoy. By incorporating fruit pops, fashion, art, and music, the Whimsicle movement looks forward in promoting a unique and healthy lifestyle across the globe. – Tonae & Salim (Whimsicle: MyWhimsicle.com) 

Whimsicle’s popularity is rapidly growing in the Tri-State area and soon hopes to be part of the healthy lifestyle of many across the globe. Being a  product that is appropriate for many occasions it is safe to say this business which started off as a vision will flourish in the years to come.

 The fruit pops are appeasing to the eye but also gratifying to the taste buds.-MyWhimsicle.com

Photo Cred:teven Taylor (IAmFoodFrenzy LLC)
Photo Cred:Steven Taylor (IAmFoodFrenzy LLC)

I can honestly say there is great truth in this quote. I took it upon myself to of course order some of these “gratifying” fruit pops for myself. The website http://mywhimsicle.com/ is presented in a professional manner. When ordering  you have the choice to pick  if you want to pick up or have your order delivered of course these choices are presented to customers who live in the area, which is convenient. For customers like me there is a choice to have your order shipped, which I must say has been a great turn out for me. When Salim told me my order would get to me on a certain day, you better believe it was home in my freezer on that day when I returned home from work. There are more than five choices of pops you can choose from so you won’t have any problem with mixing. The brand  also has apparel  so that you can represent living healthy when you are out on the town, from hats to t-shirts, Whimsicle will have you covered in style.

Photo Credit: Amurri Lauren IG: @artmurricreative www.artmurri.com
Photo Credit: Amurri Lauren
IG: @artmurricreative

My Whimsicle experience was quite impressing. I made sure that I ate one every morning before work. My favorite out of the ones I ordered was the “Fused Fruit,” which consisted of kiwis, strawberries, grapes, mangos, and pineapples. I had people walking up to me asking at what store could they purchase them. When they were informed that the pops were not in the corner stores, I kind of enjoyed watching faces break down because  I had something exclusive! From the rapid shipping to the addictive taste , I was quickly able to determine my returning consumerism.

To order your own Whimsicle products (because I’m not sharing mine) visit:


Keep Up With The Business On Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Whimsicle










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