[Question Of The Day] Did We Forget?


Ebola, ISIS, and Michael Brown. Topics that hold influence and importance over our society right now, even if you weren’t informed about them. When subjects as such surface the media, it happens to be the most talked about thing at the time , the “IT” factor. When things simmer down or the subject may not be discussed as much, it is always assumed that topic is now a forgotten cause. Social media and society  has made it that as soon as you stop talking about something you automatically were not really down with the cause or you were just a “bandwagon” activist for the cause. To be truthful, who wants to sit and discuss bad news daily. At a point you will get tired of regurgitating the same bad news over and over. I’ve also heard that because we are quick to move on to another subject, that we didn’t care about the subject at hand in the first place. When will you realize this is a society when there’s breaking news by the hour, writers for the media especially will not stick to one subject simply because they have to be the informants of all causes. I can speak for myself and say that I am an informer of truth and never forget anything I report. So to answer your questions, we haven’t forgotten. Most of us relate too much to topics to the forget.

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