[Artsy Gal] Meet Emily Deechaleune, The Woman Behind The Art

This young lady here definitely wowed me with her amazing talent! Meet 20 yr. old, Emily Deechaleune. Emily was born and raised in Methuen, MA. I came across her beautiful and striking art frequenting Instagram as always. I saw that someone that I was following posted a picture Emily had previously drawn of my favorite actor Michael B. Jordan. You know I wasn’t letting that pass me without finding out did it and finding out if I could either buy the picture or have my own drawn. So that’s what I did, once I found out that Emily was behind the masterpiece I proceeded to check out more of her art. I then went on to ask her if I could have a custom picture done with Michael B. Jordan and myself.shae and mike drawing All it took was me sending the pictures I wanted and shortly she had a sketch for me! Talk about quick,it only took a few days for it to be finished! I kept my instagram followers updated on the process even if it got on their nerves. [lol]  With artwork that exudes this kind of perfection I had to ask a few questions.I asked Emily:
-What inspires you to do art?
-When did you start?
-Is this a past-time or long term career goal of yours?
She responded:
 As a kid I’ve always loved art. I was the girl who would always color in coloring books and doodle. My parents used to take me to a bookstore called “Borders” in the loop all the time. My dad would walk around while my brother and I would browse through all sorts of different books. I would always choose the books that had lots of color and bold pictures and that was what got my attention. I loved how the drawings looked in the books. So that’s when I started to learn how to draw all by  myself. 
    Ever since then, I kept practicing and practicing and drawing nonstop. During my childhood I was never the one who would go out to party. I was always the one who stayed home with a bunch of my close friends and we would hangout, do homework, and play games. I was the one who was always drawing. 
     I’ve grown to love art even more when I went to high school. That’s when I wanted to learn new ways to create art. Thanks to my amazing art teachers, I learned how to paint, sculpt, and do ceramics. 
     During my years in high school I was more focused in school rather than my art. When it was my senior year I decided to take a year or two off to just focus on my art and learn new things. Throughout those months I’ve grown to love watercolor painting and drawing with pen. Those are my two favorite mediums as of right now. 
      Many things inspire me including my family, friends and many of the talented artists on Instagram. They are the ones who keep pushing me to create, learn, and grow as a artist and a person. 
      Art is my passion. It’s what I love to do. It makes me happy and keeps me sane. This is a long term career goal of mine. To create art for people and to inspire them as well. I was born for a reason, to show the world what I can do and that’s to create art. 
As you can see Emily is all about her work! I picked out a couple of favorites from her instagram page (@beachbumem), one of the places where you can keep up with her artwork.
emily pic 1
I picked this particular piece because I love anything with a contributing message! Not only does it grant me a great view but, also teaches me a life lesson. Exquisite! 
emily pic 2
I also pay very much attention to detail! I picked this particular piece because the pen to copic marker emergence. Very amazing to actually be able to see how a picture slowly evolves into the finished product.
If you haven’t already checked out her work, make sure you make it over to her Instagram page @beachbumem or visit her Tumblr page I look forward to purchasing more artwork from her very soon and you should too!

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