[New LP] Option X Changing The Game 2


 The wait is finally over, after 10 long years of rapping and 4 projects later, Option releases his debut album “Changing The Game 2”. With songs like Legendary Moments and Underdog, Option showcases that his lyrical ability is still nothing to be questioned. Songs like, Diamonds And Pearls and Grown, show his growth in maturity in becoming a man. Still delivering a positive message and wisdom, Option takes his message to a totally different level with this project. Developing into a all around artist and lyricist, Option displays his full arsenal on his grandest stage. With the anticipation so high, it truly lives up to the hype and much much more. Part 2 of the “CTG” series couldn’t have came at a better time, “Changing The Game 2” is an absolute CLASSIC!!! With the bar set so high, I can only wonder what’s next to come and how high the ceiling. Tune in to what i consider a work of art “Changing The Game 2” The Album……

For More Music From Option and to purchase Changing The Game 2 go here:


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