[Nice Things] Chill Moody And Aaron Camper Bring Camp Moody Summer Tour To Baltimore

chill moody

If you weren’t there Sunday night you definitely missed out on a good show! Chill Moody came through along with Aaron Camper, Marlee In The Mixx, and Beano and turned up in Baltimore’s Select Lounge! This was all part of a summer tour kicked off by Chill Moody and Aaron Camper called Camp Moody. I had the pleasure of attending this event and I was blown away. I see a growing Baltimore fan base on the horizon!

Marlee in the mixbeanoMarlee In The Mixx sent me into musical ecstasy, while Beano almost sang every female that was in the club out of there panties! [lol] I got to catch Aaron Camper before I exited and if it wasn’t for Monday morning I would have stayed all night! He went on to sing Quicksand by Ryan Leslie right before I left and if you were a woman in the place and you didn’t get mesmerized then I would question your womanhood. [lol] Chill and Beano performed one of my favorite songs Concrete Jungle which was one of the many songs performed by Chill that sent the crowd into a frenzy. From verses and flows to sweet serenades I don’t know which part of the night was my favorite! We just hope you guys return!

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