[Support Great Talent] Help Young and Devoted Director, Tiffany Giles Bring Back Her Web Series!

a new classTo have a dream is one thing but, to bring that dream to life takes dedication and hardwork! Here we have Tiffany Giles, who like most of us had a vision and planned to execute the vision with full force. Of course doubts come along the way but, drive and ambition keeps that doubt from holding you down. Tiffany, who is a recent graduate of  the historical HBCU Howard University,  had a vision and made her vision a pure reality with her web series A New Class which is like a modern day A Different World. With this web series Tiffany demonstrated her progressing directorial skills. She needs your help bringing back A New Class, a series that our generation can fully relate to! Lets hop on board to bringing back scripted and positive television!

To Help Tiffany simply visit the link below and read more about her story:


Help Tiffany Reach Her Goal Of $1000 By August 1st!

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