[Question of the Day] Do You Think The Media is Biased When It Comes To Race?

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My inspiration to ask this question came from the local news, WBFF to be exact. They were discussing how the media is racially biased. As I watched further it was explained that African Americans are exploited in the media more than whites when it comes to negative press.  The prime example that was used was the image of a rapper, how they talk about murder, drugs, etc… Is this image the blueprint to how we are thought of as a whole race? Is this what people automatically assume when they meet an African american or see one in the press? The twerk videos, fights on video, thoughtless discussion of criminal activities, is this who we are in the media? Lets not limit this to just African Americans because every race has had a fair share of negative media attention and stereotypical slander. What do you think?

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      1. The media is very biased against black people. The gangsta rappers glorify negative stereotypes. Celebrating violence,drug dealing and calling women bitches and whores. But the media helps it along because they make money from it. They also keep making films about blacks as maids,butlers and slaves. Our history is much more than that. The stereotypical roles has to stop. I did a post on it last year.

          1. It’s always good to get feedback. Whether positive or negative. I think it’s important to talk about things that are effecting our community. These issues need to be dealt with head on.

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