One response to “Question of the day #2: Did Kanye West go too far or do you think Jimmy Kimmel was wrong?

  1. I love Kanye & I actually enjoyed his interview. He’s very intellectual and I think it wouldn’t be him, I’d he didn’t brag in some sort. Shit everyone does to a certain degree, he’s just more straight forward. I think Kanye went too far with the twitter rant though. Being of his stature he’s always gonna get made fun of or put into spoofs. He takes everything the media say too personal. Its Kimmels job to make fun, that’s what his show is. Kanye is always gonna be fighting & fussing if he decides to take what everyone says to heart. Yes we know you’re the shit & no one can fuck with you, now let your work speak & you stay quiet. I love Kanye & his music & other works but he has to relax & not let what others say get to him. Kimmel makes fun of almost every celebrity, but no one else its going on a rant. I love my mans but he has to chill

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