[Film] Roxanne Roxanne : “We Want A Series!”

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Director: Michael Larnell Screenplay: Michael Larnell Producers: Pharrell Williams, Forest Whitaker, Mimi Valdes, Nina Yang Bongiovi Executive producers: Roxanne Shante, Michael Y. Chow, Michael Shen It seems like the people with the best talent have to go through the worst before they are noticed for their best. Before I watched Roxanne Roxanne, I had little […]

April 2, 2018

[Television/Advice] Finding True Confidence in the Age of Social Media [Written By Chasity Pryor

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  *Spoiler Alert* Over the weekend, I binged watched all of the episodes of “Black Mirror” on Netflix. Every episode is like a short film with its own storyline, characters, and setting. The cinematography is impressive as it effectively portrays a futuristic world that deals with modern-day issues. The episode that had the most impact […]

January 26, 2017

[Heavy's Thoughts] Netflix Original: 13th. As Educational as it is Painful [Written By Brandon Willams]

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Netflix has just been hitting it out of the park lately; they’ve been producing quality content consistently for the past couple of months and their recent documentary “13th” is just another notch in their belt. This documentary takes a look at the history of the prison system in America and how it has been unfairly targeting […]

October 26, 2016