[When Hard Work Pays Off] Michael B. Jordan deemed Best Actor of 2015 by The National Society of Film Critics

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2015 was a fruitful year for hardworking actor, Michael B. Jordan. With blockbuster film, Creed doing amazingly well it’s only right that anyone associated with this film reaps the benefits. Jordan delivered an impeccable performance as Adonis Johnson and for that was deemed Best Actor by The National Society of Film Critics with 29 votes. This is probably […]

January 5, 2016

[First Look!] Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer!

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[Trailer Presented By 20th Century Fox] 20th Century Fox seems to have something great in store for its Marvel fans! Here’s a quick look at The Fantastic Four film! This film will be in theaters August 7th of this year and I hope to see many butts attached to seats that day!    

January 27, 2015

[Update] Zendaya Coleman Opts Out of Aaliyah Movie

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Just as we thought Lifetime’s Aaliyah movie was progressing, the film has taken a turn for the worst. Originally Zendaya Coleman was declared to play the role as the late singer but, she decided to drop out of the film’s production. With the star of the movie not present, the production has been put on […]

July 1, 2014