[QOTW] Has Your Social Media Posting Ever Caused You To Lose Out On An Opportunity? [Written by Shae McCoy]

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Being on social media has its pros and it has many cons. A lot of us use social media to be ourselves and to show others that we aren’t just robotic products of the universe while other people use social media for business and professional connections. Either way, I’m pretty sure we have all slipped […]

June 9, 2017

[Current Events/ Opinion] One Year, 151 Million Records: The NSA Exposed [Written by Brandon Williams]

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It was recently revealed in a report that the NSA collected more than 151 Million phone records in the year 2016 alone, despite a system implemented by Congress to deter this form of metadata collection. The report was issued Tuesday, by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which some will say was “right […]

May 5, 2017

[Current Events/Opinion] The Downward Spiral: Manhunt For Steve Stephens Ends As Expected, Leaving Questions Unanswered [Written by Shae McCoy]

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 Does Steve Stephens’ actions classify him as mentally ill or just a coward? The events of April 16, 2017, will be stuck in the heads of some Cleveland residents forever, while the rest of the world will forget it after a while, or will they?  On Easter Sunday, Stephens did the unthinkable as he committed the […]

April 19, 2017