Shae McCoy

Baltimore’s own Shae McCoy has been consistently blazing platforms and leaving her media footprint within DMV and beyond. At the ripe age of 22, she founded A media source positively cultivating the minds of the public in not just the realest way but in a realist way. McCoy’s deep passion for pop culture, the arts, and news has enabled her to expand her brand and be in the same room with the greats. Shae had the honor to interview actors, activists, community leaders, and local politicians. One of the highlights of her career was interviewing the Michael B. Jordan, who has starred in the Wire, Fruitvale Station, and Friday Night Lights. Shae McCoy fell in love with words at an early age. She was enamored with its power to move, motivate, and inspire. As a young girl, she wrote personal narratives and short stories. As Shae grew older, she grew fond of journalism and realized that is how she would make her mark on the world.