[Poetry] Elek-Shun Dae [Written By Brandon Williams]




Photo Credit : http://www.nytimes.com

All these politicians politrickin on their power missions;

They tax our every action still its hella dollars missing.

They target all the people who ain’t got a pot to piss in;

While my people play the lottery and hope their dollars hittin.


They tried to block our vision, so they threw us in the slums;

Took out all our activists and left us crack and guns.

All these coons be smiling so hard that I hope they crack their gums;

While I dream about the good old days when being Black was fun.


We use to fight the power screaming Fuck the Police raw;

We used to boycott venues when famous whites were all we saw.

Now all we do is pop & lean & snort & sip & fuck;

We turn one Newport upside down and hope it brings us luck.

The streets are filled with syrup so our feet are always stuck;

Kill each other over Jordans, while the cops kill us over lunch.


C’mon B…how much more evidence you gon need?

Elevate your mind and I’m not talking bout just blowin trees.

They got us stressin’ bout who the next President is gon be;

Don’t matter who, because from their view “A Nigger” is all they’re gon see.

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