[Mental Health] Detatch Your Burdens [Written By Kevin Hart]

Read the title and breath a little easier. What’s been weighing you down? It seems these days that all things matter regardless of how petty or how pointless. Matter amasses weight. All things matter and matter carries weight. Good or bad , there’s weight to carry. Is that weight a responsibility or burden? Is it making you stronger or hindering your progress? Identify the dead weight and address it. It’s not such a bad thing as long as you’re willing to be responsible for removing it. I’ll tell you right now, scan your responsibilities as well because they might be burdening you. Have you ever been so hype about an opportunity that you put added pressure on yourself and the weight became too much? You wonder how a good thing can become more bad than good for you. Separate  responsibility and burden. Delete the extra expectations and eliminate the negative feelings imposed on yourself. Sometimes too much responsibility is a bad thing. Establish your responsibilities without unnecessary burdens or don’t accept the responsibility at all. That’s the beautiful thing about the topic at hand, ONLY YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE! Whether you live or die, it’s all on you. No one can choose like you do. You are your own decision maker. So if you’re going to die anyway, own the life you live. Live the life you choose. Don’t just be responsible in life, but be responsible for you and only you. When life tries to add an extra burden that’s not yours, detach from it and be free. Be free to care about the things that matter to you. That’s what makes us stronger. Don’t get caught carrying someone else’s load or you might get stuck explaining it away. Own your portion and be responsible. That weight was assigned to you because only you can handle it. Even in a physical sense, I can’t lose weight for you and you can’t lose weight for me. However, we can help one another if we are strong. If we maintain all of our responsibilities properly, we may become strong enough to care about others. We may take a burden of another and hold it close to our hearts for a reason. We may choose to upgrade a burden  to a responsibility and, in doing so, we lift our hands to God and he becomes our strength. Cancer, racism, and natural disaster may be strong enough to be responsible together.

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