[Opinion Article] Crime In Baltimore Is At An Alarming Peak [Written by Shae McCoy]


Photo Credit: Shae McCoy| Baltimore, Md.

Photo Credit: Shae McCoy| Baltimore, Md.

This is a touchy subject to write about but, someone has to do it. When did this spike in crime begin in Baltimore? Crime is a constant problem within the inner city. This past year the number of casualties have doubled, hell, tripled. And yes, most of the victims were BLACK.   I can not fathom the feeling that I get when I listen to the news and hear that someone has been shot, stabbed, or harmed in any way. It’s becoming the norm for the city and that is horrible.

Let’s rewind back to this past weekend. What started off as a great weekend for me and many others, ended in mourning. My first crime observation was by default. Saturday afternoon, while on my way to cover the Baltimore Book Festival, I walked right into the scene of a shooting. The shooting took place just a little before I arrived in Southwest Baltimore. When I got there, I just stood stiffly because all I could hear were cries and expressions of anger. I felt uncomfortable while asking questions and taking photos because I put myself in the family’s shoes. If I was dealing with that type of pain, I would not want to talk to anyone. So I left and later on I found out that the victim had succumbed to his injuries. It hurt me and I didn’t even know the victim but, that is what happens when you are human.

Later on that day, I was with my peers when I decided to scroll through my Facebook feed. I read that eight people were shot in East Baltimore. One of the victims was three years old.  A fucking three-year-old!  As the details developed,I learned that there were three shooters and that it was an act of gang retaliation.  My heart broke even further. Why is this happening?

Sunday morning, I got some news that I didn’t want to believe. Thanks to social media, my heart couldn’t take anymore. I found out that one of my friends from middle school was a victim of this continuing gun violence. His name was Lemell  Stukes. I’ve never known him to bother anyone or to be combative in any way yet, someone found it okay to take his life. There’s an issue here that is bigger than the chess pieces on the game board called Baltimore. Controlled Substances is that issue.

The root of these crimes usually traces back to money, guns, or drugs. These are the factors that are used to control the poor populations.  The higher-ups know that the people who need money that badly will do anything to get it. Drugs are put into the communities and, not only does it drive the addicts crazy, it also drives the distributors crazy. So what do you have? You have a community of people going crazy for the love of drugs and money. There will be innocent casualties and the numbers will continue to grow, sadly. We’ve known what the problem is for decades.

Have you noticed how crime has spiked sky high since the “Baltimore Uprising?” What exactly have we uprisen from if there is still a mass amount of people being bodied by bullets daily? Over this past weekend alone, twenty people were shot and probably more since that number was calculated. Uprising? No.

There’s no regard for human life anymore. If you say you love this city, then take part in making it better. Attack the catalyst that is plaguing our inner city neighborhoods. Take care of yourself. Take care of your neighbor/neighborhood.


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