[Mental Health] When An Addict Is A Human [Written By Kevin Hart]


Photo Credit: http://www.vice.com

When the burning desire is so strong, an addict is a human. When everyone has abandoned that person who is toxic, an addict is a human.When life seems all but lost, that life is a human life. Life lost or life gained, an addict is a human. When is an addict a human? Allow me to continue.When an addict is a human, let’s treat humans like humans. Humans are addicts and addicts are humans. If your comfort or convenience has gone from you, do you seek for it intently like an addict or a human? The answer is one in the same. Dress it up and make it look pretty but, your human is showing again. Be quick to hide out and get your life together so other humans don’t see you. Other humans won’t forgive you for being a mess, will they? Feel like an addict yet?

Be a human but, let other humans do the same. Be a human and embrace your shame but any opinion concerning the fact will not save the day. That day when an addict needs a human, be a human and don’t delay. Just realize humans never fixed anything so, if you get the urge to be anything more or less than human, exalting yourself over another because your addict is more apt to behave, step down from your thrown and stop playing God. Be a human today. I know you don’t want to, but be one anyway.

So when is an addict a human? An addict is a human always. Be humans together and let addicts be addicts if they may. That desperate mind frame will starve in depravity and soon enough does an addict meet the grave. It’s up to the humans  to change and receive God’s grace. Just be sure that when the addict dies, there’s enough hope remaining for the human to take its place.

Don’t kill the human first, this I pray. One day you may need a human too. Will you catch a break? It all depends. When help was needed did you remember that addict was a human and they all have names?

Tomorrow you may not awake.

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