[Social Advice] Socially Stubborn [Written by Kevin Hart]

If you aren’t open to invoking in-depth interactions with people, we aren’t going to get along and you might be a buzz kill to my entire operation.

Let me explain. When you need or want something, you contact the people who are most beneficial. You are not God so you cannot summon things when you want them. Out of ignorance, this approach actually abuses the entire concept of prayer. Also, you cannot hold on to the belief that these things will just magically find you because you want them, as this is complete and utter arrogance. Lastly, you cannot just go without wants or needs as YOU WILL DIE.

So, we see that we must be intertwined in continual interaction with others. People grant access to things and places. When you need or want these things and don’t have them, there is a limiting belief that says that you won’t be able to attain what you seek to find. THIS IS FEAR FROM THE ENEMY.

Spirit of desperation is not the same as a spirit of urgency, so be at peace without having to jump at the world’s request. Don’t give in to the anxiety that cripples a well-planned process. Know how to be self-sufficient and completely sold out to God. Make yourself a slave to no man. We must all reclaim a sense of being. Cast off all worries of the world and everything will be available when you most need it. Steal away and detox your mind of the contaminants. Your spirit will ascend once you let go of the sand bags. Dead weight cannot drown you out. Unpack what is unnecessary/counter productive and see that your soul is already equipped to succeed.

Scenario: Person 1 would like to accomplish a task. Person 2 says there it is, GO ASK. Person 1 thinks that’s a stupid idea and becomes blocked by a barrier in the mind. Person 2 insists that this is a viable solution still yet and that access will be granted in faith, even if simply by grace unto the one bold enough to ask. This may not always grant access but Person 1 soon reaps the benefitS of Person 2 and his willingness to be socially flexible in order to share surroundings in a mutually beneficial way.

Lesson: Don’t let Person 1 abuse the access granted to Person 2 without learning the strategy that leads to the successful result. It’s very easy for us to rise up “leaders” only on the premise of what they can give us through their social connections. Technically, this is a form of thievery as Person 1 doesn’t realize how much hard work it takes to establish such a fruitful way of communication. Words become actions become tangible results.

Don’t let Person 1 steal your social favor. As they did not know how to acquire it, they will also fail to maintain it. Their limiting belief will often forfeit the privilege due to the premise that they aren’t willing to work for it and most likely are too proud to ask for it. Don’t let Person 1 impose their fear upon you.

Don’t be socially stubborn or bitter to the way others tend to use and abuse you, but let life wash over you gently; it all comes back around to a full circle so keep engaging with people and don’t get flustered. YOUR TIME WILL COME. The self-control developed in private will afford you the ability to interact freely in person and your prayers will be answered so that you find what you need from humanity. Instead of complaints about what you don’t have, be socially flexible to working for and receiving what God has already said you may have. All things are made ready for the one who believes without any doubt!

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