[QOTW] What’s the Worst Case Scenario for America if Trump Wins the Presidency?

The infamous Donald Trump visited our fair city this past week and ,regardless of how you feel about his ridiculous political ideals or his even more ridiculous hair, we all have to face the fact that he has a very real chance of being the next president of these United States. And as uncomfortable as this concept makes me, I find myself sitting back and thinking, as bad as he could potentially do as President, what will be the WORST consequence of the American people putting him into the oval office? I know that seems like a bit of a grim concept to focus on but, from a realistic standpoint, it is one that must be considered in regards to either the long or short term future of the USA. I personally think that there are two possible “Worst case scenarios” that can come to fruition under Trump. First, I think that either other nations will see him as a potential threat and, given his arrogant and somewhat impulsive behavior, they will stage protocols to launch an offensive move against America before he  gets to form an offensive strike towards them. Another scenario is that other nations could lose even more respect for America than they already have, based on the fact that we’ve allowed THIS man to be the face of our country, that goes from place to place representing America and taking his ideals into these meetings and sessions where his thoughts and views on the world will be seen as laughable and unrealistic. And when respect is lost, that can place other things such as alliances and treaties in danger just off of the strength of Trump being Trump. Those are just my two ideas of what severe harm Donald Trump could bring to the nation as a whole IF he wins.What do you think could be the worst result of him winning this upcoming election(Which we can NOT by any means allow to happen!)?

2 responses to “[QOTW] What’s the Worst Case Scenario for America if Trump Wins the Presidency?

  1. I share your thoughts. And my fear is that an inhumane individual will be leading a country of human beings…How does that even work right? Not sure but it is looking like the very near future for America.

    I find most people look at it in terms of who they hate the most, when in fact we should be looking at it like who will represent America best.

    In the event Donald Trump is elected he will certainly validate the notion that bigotry and racism are still apart of American culture, even though for years they have tried to make us (Americans and African Americans) see “how far we’ve come”. We are essentially the laughing stock around the world right just for the simple fact that Donald Trump was allowed to make it this far in the election. Other countries laugh at his recklessness and will not be subject to it, therefore I foresee war after war because of how much respect America will lose if he becomes the next president.

    And while I do not agree with a lot of things that Hilary has done, I understand politics and I understand the difficult choices. But Hilary is less of a threat to my life in this country than Donald Trump. His honesty doesn’t make me fear my safety, his inhumane behavior and choices, political ignorance and miseducation does.

    • YES! You get exactly what I’m saying! People are getting in and bringing their personal feelings into these elections when they go and vote and that shouldn’t really be the case. It shouldnt be based off of who you “AGREE” with or who you “LIKE” but it should be about who’s the smarter decision for the country. However I feel as tho, the “powers in control” who are the ones behind all of this have placed Donald Trump in this advantageous position in order to force or influence their long term and more insidious goals. I think once they realized that they actually CAN get away with putting celebrities in political positions, I.e. Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Governor of california, and Jesse Ventura as the Governor of montana or something like that, they saw that people can be swayed to vote for/agains ANYBODY as long as all the right pieces are in order…and as of right now the pieces are in order of Chaos, so they’re hoping they can Ride Donald Trump right into the forefront of Global economic breakdown..

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