[Politics & Religion] The Appointed Governors [Written By Kevin Hart]


Photo credit :msdlab.com

Let us not be restricted of the services that build up servants. Let us train up and be useful. Services are obsolete without servants so let the services serve our servants. In this order, we will sustain. Governments were created for people, not because they are meant to be governed but, because they are to govern. Each is a governor of his own. If you have no schools, students will sprout and grow regardless. If you have no students, schools suddenly shut down and cease to exist. The individual makes a group because groups are made up of individuals. A group cannot be created if there isn’t a conscious decision in the heart of each and every individual that leads them to gather. Our metaphorical heart is our thoughts from God and how our mind processes them. Thoughts become words become actions, and there is opportunity to interpret or distort at each new becoming. Like the telephone game, something can be added that was not given in the first place and, as you might predict, this distorts the ending action. But what is meant to be will be and what is added will be taken away. The ending action is different simply because it must be restored to its original thought.

A conscious effort connects the word to action. The individual has a voice and when it rings it can be heard. We may run or fall, we may stand or sit, we may swim or sink. It is in our being to say yes or no. All of life is consistently living this out by their own participation in what they deem as acceptable and appropriate for themselves. If a governor participates blindly and is not condoning the action of which he is a part of, injustice is sown by distortion through unawareness. His action has sprouted without a word to lead it, or might it be inactivity when action is most necessary. Maybe the thought was caught before a word could lead and, perhaps the action was then distorted not to match the thought received. Still yet, this is a conscious decision even if naked to the eye of observation. The governor did choose to say yes or no. The governor then becomes responsible for the effects of his engagement (or disengagement) because his body has provoked action in the atmosphere (or been caught in the slumber of stillness) that his mind didn’t even recognize what he had done. Not only was there not agreement of mind and body but, there was complete disconnect. This is the sole root of injustice, to decide beforehand to be oblivious or aware only so much as it benefits you.

To have no care or concern for being connected to mind and body in order that we uphold justice through awareness in our vicinity, we fail ourselves and others as watchmen of God’s way. We have taken justice into our own hands and we forfeit our right to govern. To have intention and to have none, to straddle the fence of yes and no (right and wrong), to play dumb in order to be smart; you cannot point out the sickness if the symptoms go unnoticed. It is an age old art to be careful of what you know. It is the quest to know as much as you can while revealing the least, to know all and have all think you know nothing. In your pursuit of knowledge, you hide what you learn in order to be least responsible in case of emergency. You take the matters of yes and no into your own hands and this is the moment you defile justice with desire. You have become the distortion group.

We, the people, are part of the problem. We are governors who forfeited the right to uphold justice. We are overseers of our own kind but, we ruined the privilege with corruption. We see the government doing such a poor job but, where did they stem from? The people have failed to govern themselves.

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