[Politics] Donald Trump’s Not So Welcomed Visit To Baltimore [Written and Gallery by Shae McCoy]

Two days ago, I learned that one of the most hated presidential candidates was going to be visiting Baltimore on Monday. I was excited because I would get the opportunity to see his supporters first-hand. Donald Trump addressed the National Guard Association at the Baltimore Convention Center located in downtown Baltimore. The event was not open to the public, leaving his supporters and non-supporters on the corner of Charles and Pratt street where the tension brewed. It wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be but, it did get pretty interesting. There was a Trump supporter who actually tried to spit on us during the protest and he was knocked off of his bike. Despite the verbal exchange between both groups of people, there were some words of encouragement and enlightenment being disbursed amongst the crowd of Anti-Trump supporters. I made sure to go to both sides but when I ventured over to the side with the Trump supporters, my friend and I were harassed by a nuisance reporter who taunted us. I felt like I was somewhere else for a moment before reality hit me and I realized that I was experiencing this in my hometown. After Donald Trump made his speech, he made sure to visit the only part of Baltimore that would accept him with open arms, Dundalk. With the election rapidly approaching, November to be exact, many people are speaking against both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Will Hilary’s momentarily ailing condition negatively impact her campaign? Every conversation that I have had about the election has produced a feeling of uncertainty, even within myself. Who do you plan to vote for?

Check out the photo gallery below:




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