[Mental Health] Limiting Beliefs [Written By Kevin Hart]

Don’t adopt someone else’s limiting beliefs about you. That shit can lock you down forever if you let others define you by what they choose to see. This is a reoccurring lesson for me and I encourage you all to break free of what social situations bind you and keep you from growing. I’m someone who continually strives to address character flaws of my own, but not everybody is like that. I know it’s very easy to have the same confrontation over and over with somebody due to matching their energy levels and capturing their conversation just to take an interest and not be rude. You know the click is off, but you keep extending grace thinking that this person seeks change like you do. Switch up the approach and, usually, they’ll still draw you back into an argument somehow. You could even be silent as much as you want around them but, as soon as you speak up, there’s that contentious spirit once again. I’ve witnessed this in many good friends, many regions of the country, and many different cultural backgrounds. People are going be people regardless. They don’t see that you’re never that way with others, but that they provoke you to succumb to their way of handling disagreement which doesn’t always have to result in confrontation like they might lead you to believe.

If you keep having the same issues with one particular person, don’t let the enemy trick you into thinking you’ve not been growing in that season. One faulty friendship does not define all your social encounters and if you interact with many people of varying types, you’ll afford yourself the diverse data to see the consistencies for what they are. Sometimes others just aren’t willing to grow with you and naturally, that’s gonna create unnecessary stress and turmoil for you. If they don’t wanna change themselves and you see that for what it is, why do you think they’d challenge their minds to change their opinion of you either?

Be careful with limiting beliefs. You are limitless and if others can’t see that because they don’t believe that for themselves, that’s not a friend you’ll have in the future and that’s honestly not your problem. That friend is a memory locked inside that person you were and this realization is your key to becoming more than that friend pegs you to be. You don’t have to feel boxed in with friends who think they know you when they truly don’t. They were given a small sample size for a reason, and they were shown not to be trusted with it so, how are you going to increase the portion for them to continue getting it wrong? That’s just asking to be misrepresented in the world. They must have you mistaken and, if that’s the case, let them manipulate their way onto someone else. You’re a beautiful person, not a puppet.

Steward your friendships wisely. A friendship that is quick to hold you accountable for past wrongs is no friendship at all, especially when you can do wrong all by yourself and you’re ready to do better. The last thing we need when changing for good is a reminder of what we used to be. It’s time we stop stockpiling reminders of past failures. It’s time to let go of your past mistakes and, if you’ve got a set of friends who ain’t gon let you live that down, they’re the mistake you forgot to identify. Distance yourself and facilitate the growth you’re contending for because there are like minds out there waiting to connect. Sometimes it’s not change that’s the hard part. It may be who you allow to participate that becomes a burden. Don’t be pressured by assumptions and impositions that strangle you and cause death rather than life. Don’t ever let anyone hold you back. Just be you and, as the old version passes away, so will the former friends who couldn’t level up. Dead weight has to fall away if we believe in rising to higher standards. You can’t believe in yourself and believe in limiting beliefs about you. Address this double minded thinking and make a choice. It’s not that you’re against others, but that you’re for you!

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