[Karlito’s Korner] Damn Dipset


In 2010, Dipset fans, like me, were more than ecstatic to see that the hatch was buried and one of Hip Hop’s biggest movements was reuniting. It was heart-aching to watch The Diplomats (Cam’ron Freekey Zekey, Juelz Santana, and Jim Jones) fall apart in 2007.  Many situations lead to the breakup, the most known being Juelz wanting out his contract and Cam’ron and Jim Jones being on bad terms. However, after their performance at the BET Hip Hop Awards, a few interviews, and studio footage with Dr Dre, we anticipated a, well worth it, return. Unfortunately, things seemed to be at a standstill. The Dips went back to their solo projects. Cam began a movie deal alongside Queen Latifah and others with NetflixJim launched his Vampire Life clothing line, which took off. Juelz continued his affiliation with the SlowBucks brand and released the God Will’n mixtape in 2013. The following year, amidst the G-Unit Reunion, there were talks of a G-Unit /Lox/Dipset tour. All three camps were down with the idea but nothing came of it. There’s even footage of Juelz later doubting the possibility of the tour happening.  So once again, fans wait. In late 2014 early 2015, a Dipset reunion was announced with a small New York City tour. The problem is that no one cared anymore. There was not enough momentum to get fans going again. In addition, their decision to take the “Let’s diss Jay-Z for old times sake” route played a role as well. The reunion fell on deaf ears. It feels like even Dipset themselves could care less about a third Diplomat album. Nowadays Cam is teasing Purple Haze 2, which will be his last album, Juelz is gearing up to release new music, and Jim is still Jim. The only thing left to do is to bump the classics.

Dipset Forever,

Karlito Freeze

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