[Karlito’s Korner] Big Pun: The Forgotten Great!


No, I am not writing about Drake; it is too early for my views on Views. However, this past week marked the anniversary of hip-hop Legend Big Pun’s first album, Capital Punishment. It has been 18 years since the first platinum album from a Latino rapper debuted. I remember being in 12th grade and listening to this album every day on my way to school and in between classes. The witty wordplay, next level lyricism, and above average subject matter made this album an instant classic. I do not care what the magazines said in ’98, this album is a hip-hop classic. When you listen to it, you will find all the elements needed to create a masterpiece: hilarious skits, hip-hop anthems, lyrical massacres, and most importantly, SUBJECT MATTERCapital Punishment came at the perfect time, in the post Biggie-Tupac era when everyone wanted the #1 spot in the game including NOREJay-Z, and Lauryn Hill. The sad part is that Pun is left out of the top five conversations too often! I always hear people mention BiggieTupacNasJay-Z and whatever fifth spot is debated. My point is that you have to say, “What about Big Pun?” and some may say “Oh yeah, I can’t forget Pun!” or some people may scratch their head in utter confusion. Mainstream hip-hop platforms may overlook Pun but I will give you some of his best songs. I hope that you will put him on your top list as well. Rest In Peace to the Legend.


Hip Hop Foreva ,
Karlito Freeze !

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