[Politics As Usual] Former U.S. President, Bill Clinton and Presidential Candidate, Bernie Sanders, Visit Baltimore The Weekend Before Primary Election

bernie sanders

Photo Taken By: Shae McCoy of Uncommonrealist.com In Photo: Bernie Sanders and Supporters

This past weekend in Baltimore City was eventful and you can blame politics. As we move closer to the mayoral and presidential election, candidates are doing everything in their power to prove themselves. If that includes visiting the city that half the world had eyes on last year then consider it done. Saturday, 4/23/2016, Bernie Sanders held a rally at Baltimore’s Royal Farms arena. Bernie Sanders is one of the popular candidates of the Democratic party running for presidency. Lines were extremely long as many supporters, non supporters, and undecided residents gathered to hear what Bernie had to say. Bernie brought along Kwame Rose, a young activist from Baltimore, Danny Glover, and others that spoke good of him and his plans to reshape the United States. Bernie talks a good game but, will that be good enough for him to win over voters? Will his “for the people” themed speeches earn him a seat in the white-house? We will see. Although we do not enforce a particular vote, we do wish Bernie the best with the rest of his campaigning.

bill clinton

Photo taken by: Shae McCoy of Uncommonrealist.com In Photo: 42nd President, Bill Clinton at Carter Memorial Church of God in Christ

Former U.S. President, Bill Clinton was also spotted in Baltimore this past weekend. He visited two West Baltimore Churches, one of them being Carter Memorial Church of God in Christ. Being appropriate, Bill spoke about Freddie Gray and what his wife, Hillary Clinton,  can offer the U.S. as president. Bill was accompanied by mayoral candidate Catherine Pugh, Congressman Elijah Cummings and, former president of the NAACP, Kweisi Mfume. With it being the one year anniversary since Baltimore‘s Uprising, it was only “right” for politicians to use this as their campaigning playground, right? Both Bernie and Bill visited Carter Memorial during their brief stay. Bernie seemed more welcomed by the residents than Bill. Could it be because of their political agendas? All in all we would like to hope that both of their visits were not solely for political reasons and exploitation.






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