[You Missed Out] Kondwani Fidel’s “Kondawani & Friends” Event Brings Out Many of Baltimore’s Creatives [written by Shae McCoy]


Photo Credit: Shae McCoy In Photo: Kondwani Fidel and Lawrence Burney (far left)

This past Friday, the Impact Hub in Baltimore, MD, was the place to be!  Not only was it a meeting of the creative minds, it was an experience that I am glad I did not miss. In perfect timing for National Poetry MonthKondwani Fidel‘s “Kondwani & Friends” event was nothing short of amazing. It included stunning performances from young artists who inspired him, from spoken word to musical. These people included IconThaGod, Alexander FaluDa TruthBlease CarsonKira and Kondwani himself. Editor in Chief of True LaurelsLawrence Burney, conducted an interview with Kondwani throughout the night. The audience was able to interact which lead to moments of seriousness and laughter. Once it was his time to entertain his audience, he did it without a problem. His spoken word left us speechless and evoked emotions. You could see the passion in every word bellowed and every facial expression he made. Kondwani concluded the night with two songs after expressing that he plans to explore the realm of music. Once things were over and done, I was able to pick up his book, Asperous Artistry, and I have not been able to put down!

To purchase Asperous Artistry go here.

If you missed out on this event, don’t worry I got you covered. Here’s the link to Kondwani Fidel‘s next event. Click here to R.S.V.P.



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