[Bad For Business] Silver Moon Diner Bad Review Leads To Threats and Racial Slurs [Written By Shae McCoy] [Explicit Content Inside]

Last week, during my scroll of my Facebook feed, I came across a few things that were peculiar. One of those things was screenshots from a Silver Moon Diner employee. They were unpleasant just like the service 22-year-old Alexis Covington described to me when I spoke with her on the phone days after the incident occurred. Before I get into the details, the Silver Moon Diner is located at 9605 Pulaski Highway in Middle River, MD. Covington is an African American native of Baltimore who attends Morgan State University.

The entire social media fiasco began with a negative Yelp review posted by Alexis after her and her family’s visit to the establishment. During my phone conversation with Alexis, she said that herself and her family went to the restaurant with high expectations after hearing about good things about what the restaurant has to offer. They ordered buffalo wings for an appetizer and, what happened next would set the tone for the rest of the visit. When Alexis’s mother attempted to feed the food to her nephew, she noticed that the meat was pink and undercooked. The family asked if the wings could be taken off the check because they were undercooked. The waiter, who Alexis said seemed unprofessional, took the wings back and re-fried them. When she brought them back out, they were burnt. Things took a turn for the worst when one of the waiters assumed that Alexis was raising her voice and attempting to get aggressive. Alexis and her family were asked to leave by Nicolette Protopapas. As they were leaving the diner, Alexis said that Nicolette and another employee were saying racial slurs, one them referring to her as “Ms. Obama.” The police were called. No apologies were made on behalf of the establishment.

After leaving the restaurant, Alexis did what any dissatisfied customer would do and left a review. Yes, Alexis expressed how she felt about her visit on her personal Facebook page but she did not hesitate to take it to Yelp and the diner’s Facebook page. Following that, Covington began to receive screenshots from Nicolette‘s personal Facebook page. (see below) 

screen 1

Photo: FaceBook Screenshot

This screenshot lead to more bad Yelp reviews and Protopapas personally messaged Alexis threatening her with a lawsuit.  Since this incident, Alexis was granted a temporary restraining order against Nicolette. No one from Protopapas‘ end would comment on the incident. This situation sparked much social media outrage. Alexis and her friends are planning to rally at the restaurant at a later date since the first one was cancelled due to inclement weather. 

This situation goes beyond under-cooked wings and exchanged words. This type of behavior at any business is unacceptable. If you want to voice your opinion, you can contact the Silver Moon Diner directly at 410-682-5050 or email them at Enquiries@silvermoondiner.com.

6 responses to “[Bad For Business] Silver Moon Diner Bad Review Leads To Threats and Racial Slurs [Written By Shae McCoy] [Explicit Content Inside]

  1. That is really horrible My family and I go there all the time. They should have never talked that way to you and your family. I’m shocked. Sorry this has happened to you. Very sad.

    • The court dismissed all charges after ms Protopapas did not want to press charges on ms Alexis . The court prove that nothing was said inappropriate

  2. The judge dismissed all the claims because she was lying maybe check with the courts . Ms.Protopapas handled her stuff well I was there when miss covington pushed her to the floor .

    • Hello Sandra,
      Your claim that I assaulted Nicolette is false. If she had proof that I assaulted her, why did she try to apologize in front of the police department while in court? The order of protection was thrown out in court because there was no basis for relief MEANING THAT because Nicollette solicited assault on social media it could be argued that she DID NOT do it herself. In other words her lawyer could argue someone else had access to her phone and posted those words. That does not mean that she did not request for someone to assault me. Even if all of these things were false, there should be a level of professionalism when dealing with customers. Nicolette did not show any of that with my family and I. Furthermore, what do I gain as a customer who once LOVED Silver Moons crab cakes from lying on an establishment? What do I gain by taking time out of my day to protest and organize boycotts against an organization? The answer is nothing. However, as an advocate for civil rights and the fair treatment of all people I took a stand AGAINST what I saw as unfair and discriminatory. This experience has been a lesson of how my people (black people) need to spend their money in their own communities and stop allowing other groups to dictate how and where we spend our money. Nonetheless, I hope this herstory lesson (because this happened 7 months ago) shed some light into my motives surrounding this incident.

      Peace, love, and blessings to you Ms. Sandra

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