[QOTD] Will DeRay Mckesson Get Your Vote, Baltimore?




Who is DeRay Mckesson? That’s one of the many questions that surfaced social media as it was announced that the 30 year old Black Lives Matter activist filed to run in Baltimore’s primary mayoral race on the Democratic end. For those who don’t know, Mckesson is very much a Baltimore native. The former public school administrator appeared in the public eye during the protests in Ferguson and kept the momentum going during the unrest in Baltimore due to the death of Freddie Gray. DeRay is known to be very passionate about making a change and has strong backing especially on social media . There are some people who are skeptical about this move, questioning whether this is just a way for him to stay in the public eye or does he genuinely want to be of service to his hometown. Mckesson took a step that many people of his caliber may have been afraid to take. He will have a lot of catching up to do campaign wise coming in as the 13th and last candidate in the primary race. He will also have a lot to prove because he is not the typical candidate with a strong political background. With the primary election coming up in April, do you believe that the activist will have enough time to win over enough people? Will he be getting your vote?

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