[Congrats Are In Order] Come See What Chill Moody has Been Up To!

chill moody new article

Lately Chill Moody has been putting on for Philly and we all noticed.  You may have seen his recently seen his interview with All Def Digital and Grammy U (see below)

where he discussed his musical journey and him not being signed to a major label, since then things have changed.  Along with winning Tri-State Music Awards‘ Hip-hop artist of the year a couple of weeks ago, second consecutive year by the way, Chill made an announcement this month and it was huge! He’s not only releasing a new album in May but, this month he put pen to paper and birthed nicethingsMUSIC. Chill partnered with Soulspazm to create his distribution label. If you paid attention close enough then this may not have surprised you as much. Being as though Chill is always giving back and demonstrating  Independence, it was expected that he would make a move on his own as major as such. TV Made Me Do It, which will be the label’s first collaborative album , will be released May 5th. This album is produced by Wes Manchild and delivered by Chill Moody. As you can see Chill has not sat down a bit through the process, giving us consistent updates and teases he kept everything as pristine as possible. Congratulations on your success Chill, we know that you will continue to prosper!



TV Made Me Do It is available for pre-order on Itunes:


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