[History Re-Run] Fear The Protector


It appears to be a never ending battle when comes to African Americans vs. Law enforcement. It also appears to be a never ending battle with African Americans vs. African Americans. Are we validating that it is ok to humiliate and kill our family and friends to send our race in to extinction?  I’ll let that marinate. You can relate this to an adolescent who is growing up and still learning, they know little so they will act based off of what they see. Is this what cops do? Do they treat us the way they do because we display the same type of brutality and hate toward one another? In a result of assumption,  innocent people are being killed. We shouldn’t be burying two year-olds and three year-olds because of stray bullets due to ruthless gun-toting.  There shouldn’t be women getting assaulted by officers on the side of the road and innocent young men being shot and killed when they’ve done nothing to deserve it. Just when we thought we were protected, fuck that we were never protected. We aren’t the only victims of police brutality but, it seems that we get publicly humiliated by it the most. Then it all spirals down to how we display ourselves as a race. If we don’t show value for our people, who will? We can riot all day and we still are going to continue to be looked at as animals, by animals. The year 2014 is beginning to look more and more like the 1960’s. We want justice for people like Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant and Renisha McBride but, we will never get that justice through violence. It starts from within, we have to value ourselves in order to be valued. It becomes very discouraging that the people who are supposed to protect us are actually the ones trying to kills us off. Like the Xscape song says “Who Can I Run To?” Apparently no one.

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