[Album Review] Xscape X Michael Jackson


An album that was highly doubted while highly anticipated, Xscape‘s tracklisting includes songs that pour out the different personalities that Michael may have hidden from the rest of the world. The posthumous eight track album was produced by Timbaland and executively produced by L.A. Reid. New beats and sound were contributed to Michael’s lyrics giving the tracks a modern day feel. I had a few picks that were all different in their own little way.



Blue Gangsta

Do You Know Where Your Children Are

I like that even though the tempos and instruments changed with each song Michael’s strong, grainy and high pitched voice never changed. The originality was kept you had a taste of 80’s, 90’s and resurrected 2014 Michael Jackson. Being a big Michael Jackson fan I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more unreleased tracks on the album! I give this album four stars it was great in quality but, lacked a bit of substance.

4 responses to “[Album Review] Xscape X Michael Jackson

  1. No doubt MJ is the KIng of pop! He was a big influence on people like Usher,Beyonce,Chris Brown among others. Some of the songs are pretty cool. But I don’t like that song with Justin Timberfake. I don’t like the video either. Justin looks so out of place. Someone like Trey Songz or Chris Brown would have been a much better fit. Justin seems like a MJ wannabe to me. And not even a good one at that.lol

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