[New Music] Ant Mania X Like That [Bio Included]

ant mania



Raised by a single mother, although his father was still involved, Anthony Hillman Jr. was born February 8th, 1994, better known by his stage name Ant Mania, is an American unsigned rapper.Born in Columbus, OH, Hillman began by writing song lyrics and poetry at a young age. As early as the 8th grade, he started to record at local music studios and performing at talent shows, library’s and recreation centers where he developed his skills, eventually finding his “niche” and getting his name out into the public. He released his Smash club anthem “Like That” Produced by. 3Fold in 2014.

Hillman has opened up for many major recording artists such as Soulja Boy Tell Em’, Diamond (from Crime Mob), GSpot Boyz and Roscoe Dash. Not only does Hillman take in inspiration from Hot Boyz, N.W.A., Gucci Mane, T.I., Lil’ Phat and Waka Flocka, he plans on rising to the top along side of them.

Further into his career, aside from his musical talent, Hillman plans to take role in business, much like millionaire Sean “P. Diddy” Combs by starting his own clothing line, writing a book and directing not soon after getting signed with a major label.

His music is known to be violent, speaking to his generation, considering his music to be wile, crunk and gangster, exploiting things that go on not only in his life, but in his hometown city of Columbus, OH. Known for his catchy hooks not much like many other artists, his music tells crazy stories.

Hillman reached that point in life where he decided go full throttle with music or take that chance at a college life and has decided the entertainment industry was the route best fitted for him. Ant Mania is an artist striving for that balance, volatility versus musicality and striving to be the best.

 Watch “Like That” Here

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