[Question of The Day] Would You Ever Date Someone You Met On A Social App?

social dating

With loneliness at an all time high, people have no choice but to turn to these social networks and social apps. Is it safe? That is the bigger question. For years sites have been introduced to satisfy our dating desires, BlackPlanet, Tagged, HighFive, Bebo, Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Christian Mingle, and other sites just to name a few. Our society was totally different years ago, [IMO] it was safer to online date. I read an article today about someone being killed  after meeting someone from one of these new social apps. This isn’t the first time that i’ve heard this story but, does this make you think? Does this situation make you think that it is safer to just meet someone at a bar and go from there?

2 responses to “[Question of The Day] Would You Ever Date Someone You Met On A Social App?

  1. I think there’s pros and cons to the internet. I think there are some creepy people out there.lol But not everybody is like that. I think it’s a good way to make business connectionstoo,not only “hook-ups”. I am on Twitter but I’m not on Facebook,Tagged,Bebo. But I’ve made a few cool connections from my blog. I chat with over 20 of my followers through email. And I talk with three of them by phone.
    I don’t use the dating sites much. Here in Cali there are hundreds of bars and clubs to meet people. I think it’s easy to meet women,it’s just hard to find the right one. I’m a very politically conscious black man. I care about the conditions in the black community. I read books nore than I watch television. But a lot of the black women I meet are into reality shows,makeup,silly sitcoms and celebrity gossip. I’m a little deeper than that.lol So the hard part is finding someone who has the same interests that you have. I meet beautiful women everyday. At the supermarket,bookstore,mall,gas station etc. But they just don’t always have the right mindset I’m looking for. I’m looking for a beautiful,funny,intelligent proud black women. I’ll let you know when I find her.lol

  2. Great question! I don’t think it’s safer meeting someone in a bar. How do you know they are not a murderer? You meet someone on-line and you have a chance to see what they look like, know a bit about them, ask them a few questions and see if you like their responses…. By the time you meet them you hopefully know their contact details and full name and you have told someone where you are going and who with. You meet in a public place during the day. Personally I think that is much safer than meeting a complete stranger, at night, in a bar, when you might have had one too many drinks.
    If you take the proper precautions, I think internet dating is perfectly safe (although I have to admit I did end up with a stalker but he’s in the past luckily) – how many people get attacked after a night out?

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