What Did Judd Ehrlich’s “We Could Be King” Documentary Mean To Me

we could be king

I had the pleasure of catching this tear jerking yet brutally honest documentary this past weekend and I was amazed of how much it put something so important in to perspective. We Could Be King is a documentary that shines light overall on how budget cuts take a huge effect on extra curriculars for schools in the Philadelphia School District.In this instance, Youth Sports. The main focus of this documentary is two Philadelphia Schools, Martin Luther King High School and Germantown High School, whose football teams had to merge in result of the budget cuts for sports in their school district. These young men had to learn to put a rivalry aside and work together and be humbling regardless of what they were dealing with at home and off of the field. Ed Dunn, a laid off math teacher of Germantown volunteered to coach these young men, the King Cougars. ed dunnI first, have to applaud him for that because you won’t catch a lot of people nowadays volunteering their time to do something that requires such hard work.  Dunn teaches these young men humility along with the bonds of brotherhood. Even though Dunn has had his share of trials he did what he could so that these young men could forget about their hardships by helping them win a championship that they yearned for and worked hard for by him. I like how between the showing of the film there were statistics shown about positively participating in sports can affect the future of young athletes. What I also liked about the documentary was that the young men of the Cougars got college acceptances! Mr. Dunn’s hard work paid off. This goes to show that a negative situation can always be turned into a positive one through hard work. I connected to this film because in the city of Baltimore, where I am from, budget cuts are a well known culprit for the rising of crime statistics. When I was growing up we never had to worry about being on the streets with nothing to do. I was involved in everything, the after school programs, cheerleading, flag football, summer camp, tennis, and summer school back when it was voluntary. I did these activities every school year and summer up until I was leaving middle school. Funding for these programs got pretty tight once the economy changed. As the years went on we watched all of these programs begin to disappear and as those programs disappeared more kids were beginning to result to the streets. I struggled growing up but, those extra curricular programs kept me from thinking about what was going on at home. Youth in this modern day society don’t stand a chance because no one is willing to help them. When I am not in school or working I observe students who hook school everyday, hanging out on the street corners, frequenting the malls, fighting, and committing crimes. There are no recreation centers for these kids to go to and very few sports opportunities because of funding. I appreciate this documentary because it shows that there is still hope for the youth and room for them to succeed. I have to thank Michael B. Jordan for his frequent posts on Twitter about the Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation Sports Matter program, since then I  have made it my business to donate and I was able to witness a great documentary. I have two younger sisters,one who is high school and plays badminton and one who is seven years old. I don’t want to see my sister on the streets as she gets older, so I am against the budget cuts especially for programs in the school district. Thank You Judd Ehrlich and the rest of the good people who helped out for  this documentary because you brought attention to a matter that should mean a lot to us all. Parents along with officials in school districts should appreciate a documentary as such and, play a part in keeping youth off of the dangerous streets!

4 responses to “What Did Judd Ehrlich’s “We Could Be King” Documentary Mean To Me

  1. Excellent article Shaè! I agree 100 percent with you on youth programs for our young people. If we don’t help to take care and guide our youth, the streets will. I’m sure others will be effected by the documentary just as strongly as you were effected by it. Hopefully it will touch a cord in their hearts to help out and do their part for the youth in our society. I salute you and Michael B. Jordan for bringing attention to this very important situation.

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