[Question of the Day] Is this theory True For You? When You Are Happy You Enjoy The Song Lyrics vs. When Your Are Unhappy You Understand The Song Lyrics

happy vs unhappy

We all have that playlist on our Itunes that we only listen to for certain situations. Whether they are happy or sad songs we never get to sit and evaluate the lyrics until we are going through something, well most of us. On a regular day when there are no worries we can listen to any song and feel positively moved by it. For example if you were on the good end of a break up and you hear Toni Braxton’s “Just Be A Man About It” whether you are the man or the woman you feel great and you go along with your day with no worries. Now imagine you being on the other end of that breakup and you hear Pharrell’s “Happy,” you instantly change the song because in your mind you’re thinking, “This b*tch just broke up with me and left” you’re angered again. So my question is does a song gain a different meaning to you once your emotions change?

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