[Question of the Day] Did this Donald Sterling Situation Surprise You?

donald sterling


So it all popped off once media got a hold of the “alleged” conversation between Sterling, owner of the L.A. Clippers and his girlfriend, V. Stiviano. First of all this whole situation just proves that when you go searching for trouble you will find it! This may have been a very private conversation between Sterling  and Stiviano but, of course we won’t know the whole truth of this situation. Apparently Sterling  was unhappy with a picture that Viviano posted to instagram with retired Lakers player,Magic Johnson. Someone whom she said she admired. Long story short his wishes were her to  admire Johnson privately. [Allegedly] Sterling went on, in another conversation to say that not only did he not want Magic at his Clippers games but, that he didn’t want blacks at his games. V. Stiviano is said to be the blame for the recorded conversation being leaked to the media. Now this indeed was a very disrespectful comment but, at the same time he owns the teams. He is running a business and, what he says when it comes to the Clippers is a GO. As soon as these comments surfaced the media racism was immediately associated with his remarks. Everybody got involved, even President Barack Obama! One of my questions is, was it even called for? He isn’t the first nor the last person especially in sports, to make a “racist” comment against blacks.  Are blacks the only victims of racism? No.

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As the Clippers warmed up for the playoffs yesterday, instead of speaking on the subject at hand they decided to conduct a silent protest. Turning their jerseys inside out, only to play for the man who defaced them moments later. If you’re going to make a statement Clippers, leave the team! Why lose your dignity over money? Why play for a man who clearly doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you?  This proves money is the root of all evil, when it can cause you do something that clearly makes you look stupid. Racism isn’t the core of this matter, stupidity is. Blacks make racial comments about blacks daily but, when it’s an opposing race against us  it all of a sudden becomes an uproar. It starts with us and we have to  promote positivity within our culture in order for others to respect us. #soundoff

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