[In Review] Spoken Reasons X Understanding My Flaws EP

understanding my flaws

If you were looking for a reason to listen to Understanding My Flaws, I have many! Spoken Reasons dropped his fresh out the box EP yesterday and honestly it surprised the hell out of me. For many who don’t know who he is, Spoken Reasons is a versatile being. He is well known for his comedy skits via his website  ,YouTube, his association with Russell Simmons’ All Def Digital, and his appearance in the 2013 film The Heat but, he has a bit more to offer than just stomach turning laughs. From spoken word to music, Spoken Reasons can deliver. Don’t get it twisted, he’s not a freshman when it comes to putting words to a tune. He has worked alongside some of the greats including 50 Cent. Spoken Reasons has also graced us before with mix-tapes the most recent he states, “I felt like I wasn’t being myself!” via Instagram. With this project I feel like he got a bit more comfortable with his audience.

The vibe that I felt when listening to Understanding My Flaws was suited for the occasion of each song. What was appreciated greatly was the ability to relate to the tracks in more ways than one. It appeared that every song told a story and taught a moral lesson. Thanks to the spoken word concluding some of the tracks I was able to fully grasp the meaning of each one and how each situation may have applied to his life and also my own. I felt like I was being taught, entertained, and taunted at the same time. Who doesn’t like the combination of the three? It was striking to find out that someone who I’ve only known to do one thing, was capable of more than one talent. Spoken Reasons has that “Girl I’ll sing you out of
your panties, then send you to church
.” type of voice. Overall I enjoyed the whole EP but, my favorite songs are Stressing and Cops & Robbers. Stressing made me feel like I was understanding my flaws while he was understanding his. Cops & Robbers roused me. I would definitely recommend this to anyone willing to learn while listening. Uncommonrealist.com approves.

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