Shae’s Two Cents: Tyler Perry Films, a mockery to the African American race or simply films that have valuable messages for EVERYONE?


This is where we may divide. Tyler Perry has been quite a buzz as his films are said to not be doing that great lately. So I ask the question , why? I checked in to my Facebook this morning for my daily entertainment dish and, saw that Tyler Perry’s latest film, Single Moms Club plummeted at the box office for its opening weekend. So I began to read the comments under the article. All I saw were comments about black male bashing, african American negative portrayal, and people not supporting him. So I ask again, why?


One of the reasons most people say that they can’t get with Tyler Perry films is because of his man in a dress persona, Madea. They say that they can’t  stomach another Madea flick and that he needs to change it up.


Another reason is his said to be reoccurring appearance of African American stereotypes in his films. Some of his “fans” claim that his depiction of African American women and men are always negative. I disagree. I believe that what Tyler Perry is doing with his films is pretty neat. He doesn’t only bring negative stereotypes to life but, he does a good job of coming up with content that many can relate to. Even though his characters that tell his film storylines  are usually black it doesn’t limit the people who can get a message from his films. There are other black filmmakers in Hollywood who do the same thing and get no heat. Tyler Perry’s films most of the time have a positive outcome after a “stereotypical” plot. Some may say his films are predictable but, when you find a niche that is making you tons of money you are going to stick with it. People judge his films usually because they refuse to go in depth and find the real message which is what I think is the true reason why he creates films with controversial themes. Get the message before you judge the creator. This ties more in to African Americans wanting to play the victim,  I love my race but we can not assume everyone is trying to break us down. Some films are made  just  to make people aware of everyday situations that not only African Americans go through. So I end my article with this question, Do you think Tyler Perry’s films are one sided? Do you think WE as African Americans set examples for these type of films to be made?

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  1. I personally like Tyler Perry’s movies & i don’t feel he’s targeting the African American race. I think he’s realistic. He covers situations that go on day to day. I look at it like this, if you din’t like something cool, let it be. People just want to talk regardless of the situation, thats just people. Tyler gets a like in my book

  2. I look at it like this he is showing sumthing that people rarely talk of anymore somethings go unnoticed due to things that are least to be talked of like boosies release now should we make a movie about that no! Sometimes you just have to accept people who actually have a impact on certain people I love him

  3. Tyler Perry is doing his thing. I’m not mad or upset with any of his films. If I want to go see it, I will go see it. If I don’t want to go see it, I won’t. Has nothing to do with Tyler Perry at all. I didn’t go see Single Mom’s Club because it looked like a chick flick. Lol.

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