Do us as African Americans play too much of the “victim” in society ?


I ask this question simply because I am very observant. We go crazy when people stereotype us but some of us live up to these stereotypes and, then we stereotype other races. We kill eachother and make other races look at us as if we are animals heading for extinction. I’m not saying we are the only race that is flawed because we aren’t but, we are one of the only races with so much to say and little action.  We talk peace in to our culture but, we don’t practice it. Are we playing the victims?  I’ll leave that question for you to answer.

Shae McCoy

0 thoughts on “Do us as African Americans play too much of the “victim” in society ?

  1. I think in certain situations we love to play the victim. When other races are around we like to pull the black card, slave card, we will never be on top card. I think we do make a lot of excuses but revert right back to those stereotypes that we get so upset about when others talk about us. I honestly do no understand the African American race to tell you the truth. We contradict ourselves on a regular basis and look like hypocrites constantly. We are proud one day, then ashamed the next. We lack consistency and unity and without those two we will always be the underdog of races.

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