Question of the day: Why do you think some women like to date married men?


In this modern day and age the methods of dating have changed tremendously. You have people who are afraid of being in relationships but, you also have people who get in relationships and cheat the whole time. What has become a trend is people taking what’s doesn’t belong to them dating wise and apparently to women married men are not off the market!

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  1. Because they see a man who is committed to a woman and want the same thing. I guess a guys faithfulness is attractive to them. Where as now, men who are single display a sense of being SINGLE to the fullest. By this I mean, they want to talk to multiple people. Women don’t see that as attractive. It actually looks duty. Some women with low self-esteem prey on married men because they already know they have the ability to be faithful. Even though thats not really true if the man is willing to ruin his married for a home wrecker lol. And that’s what I think haha

    1. Popped a molly I’m sweating lol I totally agree with you. Women nowadays TRY to take what’s not there’s because of internal conflict with their own identity. Self esteem plays a huge factor..but some women are just spiteful

  2. How can a man faithfulNess turn her on? If that’s the case then when he decide to give in she should not like him right? The truth is women are just like men. They want what they want and will get it if they can even if it’s another womens man. Welcome to the jungle! No body is playing fair, even the packs are against each other. Cheating is apart of relationships and even the wholesome girls are guilty. Or, maybe I’m just looking in all the wrong spots but I have seen it all. if you find somebody that’s faith n true you Gon have to fight to keep them that way.

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