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First up is Me!




I dream of more……
My love goes further and further out of reach of me
The more I give it… the more I become livid
The more I brainwash my thoughts,
The more i lose myself
I think that some people are ignorant when it comes to love
It is easy to fall between the two
Love me???
Then show me and don’t send me mixed signals,
that would cause a traffic jam
I’ll love you back
because what i feel for you is deeper than the grimy grounds of this earth
I’ve learned to show love even if love isn’t the reciprocal
because you will soon be rewarded with a love that you will be attached to
someone who will be exactly the way you want
or am I lying
No one is perfect
but,we are all capable of being perfect
Not even a perfectionist can achieve a perfect love
it’s just not possible
In the back of my mind i want to know
how people I love leave so quickly
i want to love someone til’ love doesn’t exist anymore
but will i ever have the chance???
Love me??
Yes, I want you to…
but if you can’t satisfy me
then don’t come looking
love lives here and infatuation was evicted
I’m ready for the real thing
I’m willing to put up the effort
because putting up effort is effortless
i’ll surely love you back…….


“Woman” By Chasity Pryor


There she is.
There’s that woman.
The one with the fat cheeks
And big stomach
She has big breasts
Too big to carry
And her hair isn’t very long
I always hear her talking
Talking about wanting to lose weight
She says she wants to be pretty
Like all the other girls
And wear the clothes like all the other girls
That woman doesn’t like to look at herself in the mirror
She doesn’t like what she sees
But, she doesn’t know
That shes beautiful
Inside and out
That her smile is amazing
And her personality is unbelievable
She doesn’t know that she can make someone smile just by saying hi
That woman doesn’t know what she’s worth
She’s worth everything.
I just wish she knew that
I just wish I believed it.

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“Untitled” By Caira Artis


My weakness is trust.
I have none of that.
So I hide my eyes behind my fitted cap.
Because it’s a fact,
That one can see another’s soul by looking into their eyes.
The love, the joy, the pain, the tears that they’ve cried.
So I hide.
With hopes that I am never found.
My heart was ripped out and I left it there in pieces on the ground.
And I walked away without even thinking twice about turning around.
Then you came along and picked up every piece that you could.
With hopes of bring my love back to life.
You had my heart in your hands, you held it up.
You held it up, to someone who had given up.
Someone who truly believed that love was just like the movies, a fairy-tale.
Existing only in the hearts of children.
And at that moment I felt just like a child.
Lost in the wild.
Dark and alone, but you lit up my world with just a mere smile.
In your eyes the only person who existed was me.
You truly loved me.
You walked towards me, and the closer you got the more nervous I became.
So shook, that chills raced though out me the second I uttered your name.
You slowly placed my heart into my chest.
And Yet, my eyes still remain hidden.
Because a love like our love is forbidden.
Where trust is absent and mistakes aren’t forgiven.
Where one did away with their past and the other isn’t willing.
Though your kisses and your touch are very fulfilling.
And even though your efforts in this battle of love has left me speechless.
I fell short because trust,
trust is my weakness.

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“Three Ring Love” By Keith Dangerfield


Your love is fake & I’m not amused. For your entertainment?

I’ll be your clown. Someone pass me my big red shoes.

Pull a rabbit out of my hat? Or maybe a animal shaped balloon?

Or play you a love song? My heart knows a tune.

I’ll continue to fulfill your needs It’s my job to be ridiculed.

But at some point everyone’s tired of playing the fool.

How about I juggle my emotions

or swallow a stick filled with fumes

Catch a pie to my face

That’ll really get the crowd to move

Wrestle with a lion please tell me what I should do!

At this point I’d do anything for you

Tap the keys on this piano

I hope that’s the right note

Because this old clown  is tired

of being the object of your joke.

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“Forgotten Me” By ROC

Los Angeles,CA

Can you take me back to a forgotten time?…a seemingly cloudy yesterday is actually years ago…just like that… What happened?
That language?
A shattered mirror left me with no one to talk to…
A trio that once passionately indulged what most could hardly fathom now separately faithful to that same love …
I remember…
Imaginations that lustfully defied mental barriers to the point of physical stimulation. That language…food for the soul…music for the mind…stimulus for the five senses and awakens the 6th…how was it possible?
I remember now…
Looking at my reflection in the computer screen only to see another who knew me in ways I didn’t…mesmerizing…so I stayed to learn more…you taught me that dialect…it was another outlet for that undying flame, and without a doubt something more…truthfully…I miss it…memories from a blurry past present themselves to reveal a future more clear…I welcome the silence…embracing that shared entity…don’t worry I won’t ignore it anymore, but thanks for taking me back.

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“Freedom/Sex Love/War” By The Duke


Bruised and beaten

Tattered and worn
Love has been a criminal
A freedom fighter
Terrorist in disguise
Inexcusable in its tyranny
Liberate me for the conventional make up that is societal norm
Unchain me from the fallacy
That denounces this heat for the greatest sin of all
Exclaim when we see light together that we will remain one
Fertilization for life.
Pleasure beyond cognitive capacity.
Love wins the war.
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